Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Worth of a Soul

I've been reading quite a bit of John Flavel recently, I've loved the way he as a Calvinist outlines the worth of a soul and the extent of the atonement in the same thought.

'If the death of Christ satisfied God, and thereby redeemed the elect from the curse: then the redemption of souls is costly; souls are dear things, and are of great value with God....The whole creation sold to the utmost worth of it, is not a value for the redemption of one soul. Souls are very dear; he that paid for them found them so: yet how cheaply do sinners sell their souls, as if they were but priced commodities! but you that sell your souls cheap, will buy repentance dear.' 

He goes on to say in a later sermon that in Christ's death his blood that was shed is of such a value that it is enough for all of us, even if there were other worlds filled with people, the infinite value of Christ's blood would be enough for all. The price is paid for our sins by Christ, to God be the Glory for ever and ever.