Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tim Keller v's Joel Osteen

I've just read in Tim Keller's preaching book the answer to Joel Osteen's questionable theology:-

'Modern people, for example, may come to the Bible looking for answers to the question "how do I build up my self-esteem and feel better about myself?" Yet in the biblical passages on sin and repentance, they will discover that the more basic human problem is too high a view of ourselves. We are blind to the depths of our own selfcenteredness and overconfident that we have the wisdom to manage our own lives. Then in passages on adoption and justification they will learn that be asking to "feel better about themselves" they were asking for too little- too little in comparison with what our new identity in Christ can be. In the end,  unfolding God's word carefully will so transform our thinking that we will see the inadequacy of the original line of question that we brought to it.' 

Tim Keller, Preaching  Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism p.37

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Rosaria Butterfield

I have yet to read Rosaria Butterfield's The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, but I enjoyed this interview immensely. She is engaging and understands both the power of the Gospel and the culture she lives in. 

Here are some of her comments from the above interview

When Christians are losing socially and publicly we do better. We pray more and are humble and we do not make moral proclamations instead of Gospel invitations.

Do not assume your gay or lesbian neighbour's worst sin is their sexuality its not its their unbelief.

There are only two things that are eternal, God's word and souls.

She encourages us to build relationships with our gay and lesbian neighbours and show them the love of Christ. She said this will be hard as they really are a community and the church can learn a lot from them. She encourages us to be good company for the downtrodden and to stand up for the dis empowered. She encourages us to get close enough to people, like Jesus did that we might get hurt.

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