Saturday, 17 October 2015

The glory of God in the death of His Son

The whole of our human history is geared around one thing, that God's Son would be glorified, completely and thoroughly. That in everything, in creation, in humanity, in the church He the Son would be regarded as He truly is, the supreme one, the one whom Angels worship with covered faces. As they delight in Him for Who He is.

Yet for us there is more, whilst one day every knew shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is LORD to the glory of God the Father. In Jesus we have more than a LORD we have a Saviour. For us as born again believers we have a Saviour,  and what a Saviour He is.

Piper says:- This is the plan because the aim of creation is the fullest display of the greatness of the glory of the Grace of God and that display would be the slaying of the best being in the universe-Jesus Christ for countless millions of undeserving sinners. From Heaven He came and Sought Her p635

For our redemption God would take the best thing, the very best thing and give Him for us. The shedding of His blood for ours. As one American hymn put it, 'you paid much to high a price for me'. And to know that and to know it completely is to enter into worship to enter into worship as it should be. This is why heaven will be wonderful because then we will see for sure how loved we are and how bad we were and that precious, precious Son in all his glory.

Come worship the Son.

Stephen <><