Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The glorious humility of Christ! Spurgeon on the exaltation of Christ

The Shadow of Death- Holman Hunt


Man seeks to win his glory by the slaughter of others—Christ by the slaughter of himself: men seek to get crowns of gold—he sought a crown of thorns: men think that glory lieth in being exalted over others—Christ thought that his glory did lie in becoming "a worm and no man," a scoff and reproach amongst all that beheld him. He stooped when he conquered; and he counted that the glory lay as much in the stooping as in the conquest. Charles Spurgeon

The best and worst moment in history was the moment that Christ died, the agonising, humiliating death of Christ. He was dishonoured and treated like a sham so that those who put their trust in Him can dwell in his glory forever. 

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