Monday, 17 August 2009

Lewis Fest

This past week I have been enjoying something of a C. S.Lewis fest, last night Joy and I finished watching the Disney version of the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Today I got to pick up a new book called Planet Narnia by the Rev Dr Michael Ward, Last weekend I got to listen to Michael discuss his book with Laura Miller an American atheist who also loves the Chronicles of Narnia and she has written a book called 'The Magician's Book'.

A Couple of Years ago Christianity Today devoted a whole issue to C. S. Lewis, as I recall the editor suggested that Lewis was like the patron saint of American Evangelicalism, which is very ironic as 1. We don't have patron saints in Evangelicalism and 2. Because Lewis was neither American nor an Evangelical. Yet Lewis has a lot to offer evangelicals, because he did have what can only be described as an evangelical conversion and in his autobiographical book 'Surprised by Joy' Lewis tells us of his conversion first to theism (when he becomes the most reluctant convert in all of England) and later his conversion proper. Lewis became the most famous defender of Christianity in Britain in the C20th and his work 'Mere Christianity' is still unrivalled (although Tim Kellar's 'The Reason for God is a great alternative) as a discussion starter. In recent times I have heard several attempts to refute Lewis tricotomy by the new atheists "either Jesus was a mad man, a demoniac or who he claimed to be" they propose a fourth that Jesus was simply mistaken but surely that comes under number 1, No rational person would claim to be God and simply be mistaken without needing to stay at the funny farm. I can't remember how I got acquainted to Lewis' work but I have always appreciated them even when I disagree. I am looking forward to reading Planet Narnia as Michael Ward believes he has found a deeper level to the Narnia books where Lewis provides a defense of Christianity using medieval cosmology, now who doesn't love a conspiracy theory?

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I am somewhat unusal as a C.S.Lewis fan in that I read 'Mere Christianity' years before I read the Chronicles of Narnia due to a misspent childhood. I am looking forward to reading the books with Hannah and hopefully she will love them as much as I do.