Wednesday, 8 February 2012

He made the stars also

I am enjoying Matthew Henry on the Kindle some beautiful quotes here's the first one:
He made the stars also, which are here spoken of as they appear to vulgar eyes, without distinguishing between the planets and fixed stars, or accounting for their number, nature, place, magnitude, motions, or influences: for the scriptures were written, not to gratify our curiosity and make us astronomers, but to lead us to God, and make us saints.  (Kindle location 2416)
£2:77 well spent

I've heard the new atheists talk about Genesis 1:16 'He made the stars also' as showing that pre-scientific faith never understood the magnitude or brilliance of the stars which we now know are numberless. I've never seen it that way especially when Genesis compares the stars in the heavens with the sand on the seashore. Instead when I look up into the night sky and see before me as far as I can see stars blazing I think of the almost infinite universe and he points me to the greatness of God. I think it was L. B Johnson that when as president of the US his boots got to big for him he would go outside and look up at the stars until he got some perspective on his place in God's universe. The stars point to the greatness of Him who made them who is so much greater than the universe that to point away from His creation to Himself the stars in all their glory deserve the comment 'He made the stars also'.

God Bless
Stephen <><